Photo by Wendy Cohan

Are all of these delightful moments too much to ask of life?

Photo by Justin Kauffman on Unsplash

And building a future that helps it flourish.

Photo by Jo Szczepanska on Unsplash

They will rise to fall in love again, have another child, start a new career, and move across the country to a place they’ve only visited in their dreams …

Photo by Sam Manns on Unsplash

Photo by Wendy Cohan

A Poem

Photo by Samantha Gades on Unsplash

An Albuquerque Poem

Photo by Jess Lindner on Unsplash

A Poem

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A Poem

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Photo by Derek Thomson on Unsplash
  1. Why he still hasn’t hung the twinkle lights in the garden.

Wendy Cohan

Exploring relationships, travel, the arts, and entertainment. Seeking literary representation. &

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